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Project approved by the Community of Madrid for socio-labor insertion through individual and group activities in which participants can work on developing their personal, social and work skills; communication and guidance in the active search for employment.


General objectives

  1. Actively integrate the residents of Parla, as well as those of other municipalities in the South of the Community of Madrid, in an active way, responding to the situation of unemployment and lack of training to search for work.

  2. Create a support space that generates solidarity initiatives of group work from which to foster relationships of mutual support for the development of personal, emotional, social and professional skills.

Specific objectives

  • Guide users in the design of their own personalized itinerary adapted to their needs and interests.

  • Improve social skills.

  • Increase job placement.

  • Promote digital literacy.

  • Promote the commitment of users as active agents in their job search process.

  • Encourage the collaborative job search in a group.

  • Awareness regarding gender equality.

  • Collaborate with companies through the creation of a network of employers for employment.

  • Raise awareness in society about the socio-labor inclusion of all people.

  • Promote the values ​​of solidarity and cooperation.


  • People over 18 years of age residing in the municipality of Parla and other municipalities in the South of the Community of Madrid who want to improve their employment situation and job training. Mainly: unemployed people, people of foreign origin, victims of gender violence ...

  • General public: anyone interested in attending the activities.


In our center located in Parla. Very close to the Renfe ”Parla” train station.

Address: C / San Roque, 55, 28982 Parla, MADRID



Assessment of needs and design of a personalized itinerary

  • Reception and first attention.

  • Follow-up and support in the job search

  • Labor orientation.

  • Workshops on personal, social and work skills.

  • Workshops on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

  • Active job search workshops.

  • Training courses for employment.

  • Creation of mutual support groups.

  • Gender equality workshops.

  • Spanish classes.

  • Citizenship workshops: Rights and obligations. Know your laws.

  • Environmental education workshops.


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