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Agreements for internships and Job Bank.

Our training includes in most of our specialties an internship module in companies where we can develop the knowledge and skills acquired. For this reason, we have agreements signed with companies from the different sectors that make up our training offer.


Through these internships, companies have the opportunity to directly assess the quality of care, skills and technical competencies of our students.


Many of these students are hired after the internship is over! And if not, they become part of your Job Bank.


90% of our students are already working.

Skills Test Level 2 and Level 3

Access to the training of Certificates of Professionalism requires being in possession of certain minimum qualifications.

People who do not have said qualifications will have the possibility through an exam to show that they possess the key competences in mathematics, Spanish language and, where appropriate, foreign language and thus be able to access the Level 2 and Level Professional Certificate training. 3.


This gives the opportunity to all people who have not been able to finish their studies or immigrants who have not been able to homologate them to obtain an official qualification that certifies their professional skills within the different professional families, valid throughout the national territory and creditable in the European Union.


Do you know what a
Certificate of Professionalism?

A certificate of professionalism accredits your technical skills in a specific profession. They are official qualifications that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge.

This accreditation allows you to develop a job related to the certificate you have. In some professional sectors, possessing a certificate of professionalism or other regulated training , such as Vocational Training studies or a professional card, may be an essential requirement to be able to access a job.

This certificate is valid for the entire Spanish territory.

If you want to go to work abroad, you can request the Europass supplement to the certificate of professionalism , an information supplement in English and other European languages ​​that allows third parties to understand the degree. It includes information on skills and learning outcomes acquired, set of accessible jobs, issuing and accreditation bodies, ways to obtain the certificate or degree, international level of the same, entry requirements and possibilities of access to other official accreditations.



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