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The contract for training and apprenticeship is aimed at the professional qualification of workers, in a regime of alternating paid work activity in a company, with training activity received within the framework of the vocational training system for employment or the educational system .


  • This is an instrument destined to favor the labor insertion of young people.

  • Its objective is the professional qualification of workers in a regime of alternating paid work activity in a company.

  • The training activity is received in the framework:

    • of the vocational training system for employment (Certificates of professionalism) or

    • of the educational system (Vocational Training Certificate)

Labor aspects

Workers requirements:

  • That they do not have qualification for an internship contract.

  • Between 16 and 25 years old (under 30 years old until the unemployment rate falls below 15%.

  • No age limit for people with disabilities, social exclusion groups in insertion companies and students of Workshop-Schools, Trade Centers, Employment Workshops and Employment-Training Programs.

    • Duration: Minimum 1 year - maximum 3 years (Minimum 6 months by collective agreement).

    • Salary: Not less than the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).


Requirements for the company:

  • Not having debt with the Treasury or Social Security

  • Not having been sanctioned.

  • You must commit to respecting effective work and training hours.

  • Provide the worker with the necessary means for him to carry out his training activity.

  • You must assign a company tutor to monitor the work activity and the agreement for the training activity and coordination of both, as well as the communication with the training center and preparation of a report on the performance of the job.

Incentives for the company:

  • Reduction of company fees to 100% for companies with less than 250 workers and 75% for companies with more than 250 workers. Royal Decree-Law 6/2016, of December 23, on urgent measures to promote the National Youth Guarantee System establishes that in the case of workers registered in the National Youth Guarantee System, this incentive, in the same percentages, it will consist of a bonus.

  • Financing of training: Bonuses in business fees for a number of hours equivalent to the following percentages of the working day:

    • Workers Years of the contract

      First year Second year Third year

      Overall 25% 15% 15%

    • Additional bonus to finance the costs of tutoring the company , with a maximum amount of 1.5 euros per student and hour of tutoring, with a maximum of 40 hours per month per student. In companies with less than 5 workers, the maximum amount may be 2 euros per student and hour of tutoring.

  • If it becomes permanent for 3 years: € 1500 or € 1800 for women. In the case of workers registered in the National Youth Guarantee System, this incentive, in the same percentages, will consist of a bonus.

Benefits for the worker:

  • 100% reduction of the worker's quota

  • Total social protection

  • Unemployment

  • Professional qualification

Distribution between work activity and training activity

The working day will be distributed according to the following percentages:

Work activity Training activity

First year 75% 25%

Second year 85% 15%

Third year 85% 15%


Formative aspects


The work activity carried out by the worker in the company must be related to the training activity.

The objective of the training is the professional qualification of the workers

It may include complementary training that is included in the Catalog of Training Specialties.

In the employment training system, it may be taught in person or tele-training in accredited / registered centers.

In the educational system, it may be taught in person or at a distance.



Recruitment for training and learning

New Part-time Contract with Formative Bonding

The Part-time Contract with Training Bonding is part of the 2013/2016 Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Strategy and its main objective is to stimulate hiring and offer young people the possibility of improving their employability by combining training and professional experience. Thus, unemployed people manage to enter the labor market and employers find in this incentive measure for hiring a quick and advantageous solution to incorporate staff into their workforce.




Characteristics of the Part-time Contract with Formative Bonding


  • What type of contracts does it apply to ?: The contract may be made for an indefinite or temporary time (work or service, eventual, interim).

  • Part-time work. It may never be more than 50% of that corresponding to a full-time worker, except for beneficiaries of the Youth Guarantee, which may reach 75% of the working day.

  • The worker must reconcile employment and training.

  • Reduction of the business contribution to Social Security for common contingencies of 100% (company with less than 250 workers) or 75% (companies with more than 250 workers), the rest of contingencies will be paid in an ordinary way, as appropriate.

  • The reduction may be applied for a maximum of 24 months.

  • Possibility of programmed training (subsidized) in teletraining mode or private training (without the possibility of bonus) in teletraining or distance mode.

  • Immediate registration of the worker without the need for waiting time.

  • No contact hours by the worker.

  • The contract will be formalized in writing.


Worker requirements

To be able to access this type of contract, the worker must be under 30 years of age and be registered as a job seeker. In case of having a recognized degree of disability of at least 33%, the maximum age limit will be 35 years.

In addition, the worker must meet any of the following requirements:

  • Have no work experience or it is less than 3 months.

  • Come from another sector of activity. To see compliance with this requirement, the CNAE will be taken into account.

  • Being long-term unemployed, understood as such, that person who has been registered in the employment office for at least 12 months of the 18 months prior to hiring.

  • Lack of an official compulsory education title (ESO), a Vocational Training title or a Certificate of Professionalism.

  • Be enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System.

Requirements for the company:

  • This contract may be carried out by both companies and self-employed workers, as long as they have not made an unfair dismissal in the 6 months prior to the date of signing the part-time contract.

  • The level of employment achieved with the contract must be maintained for at least a period equivalent to the duration of said contract, with a maximum of 12 months from its conclusion. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, the incentives must be reimbursed. The obligation to maintain employment is not considered unfulfilled when the contract is terminated for objective reasons or due to disciplinary dismissal when one or the other is declared or recognized as appropriate, nor the resignation, death, retirement or total or absolute permanent disability or great disability of the worker or by expiration of the agreed time or performance of the work or service that is the object of the contract, or by resolution during the trial period.

  • The company may not be in debt with the Treasury or Social Security.


Training linked to the part-time contract:

  • The worker will carry out a training action with a minimum of 90 hours. The completion of this training is mandatory.

  • It is not necessary for the training to be specifically linked to the job that is the subject of the contract.

  • If the training is carried out in the teletraining mode, the company can discount the amount of this through the credit available for scheduled training, so it can cost € 0.

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