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The accredited online courses are presented with two types of accreditations, one by the Commission for Continuing Training of the Health Professions of the Community of Madrid endorsed by the National Commission for Continuing Training (CNFC) of the National Health System (Ministry of Health and Consumption) , which exclusively affects the health area and another by the Antonio de Nebrija University (UNNE) that certifies online courses both in the area of ​​health and education and other services.
Who are these accredited online courses for?
The Professionals to whom these training programs are directed are:
Health Area
  • Health Personnel: Doctors, Physiotherapists, Nursing and Health Branch Technicians (Laboratory, Nursing Assistant, Health Emergencies, etc.)
  • Non-Sanitary Personnel: Management and Administration Personnel, Guards, Maintenance Personnel, Laundry Personnel, Kitchen, etc.
Education Area:
Personnel linked to the Education sector. They are certified and scoring courses that expand the scale of merits of these professionals in education competitions for both infant, primary or secondary.
Other sectors:
Personnel linked to multiple sectors and professional categories: Administrative assistants, cooks, management and service personnel, laundry and ironing personnel, cleaning personnel, laborers,
maintenance technicians.
1. Courses accredited by the Commission for Ongoing Training for the Health Professions of the Community of Madrid, endorsed by the National Commission for Ongoing Training (CNFC)

This accreditation exclusively affects courses in the Health area and they are scored throughout the NATIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM , regardless of the Autonomous Community that accredits them. As they are specific calls from one annuity to another, the courses with credits may vary. It is remarkable:
  • The quality and guarantee together with the accreditation make these courses one of the best in this sector. In addition, they are designed and directed by professors and professionals of recognized prestige.
  • In this way, with the degrees that are awarded and the endorsement of the CNFC, if they are in possession of a Diploma in Nursing, Physician, Technician or Nursing Assistant and resident in Spain, the student:
    • It will increase the chances of being selected in Job Boards.
    • He will expand the merits of Internal Promotion opportunities in his current job position.
    • It will improve your scores before a Contest / Opposition.
    • It will be enabled to access the different Specialties.

The courses accredited by the Commission carry essential training credits to climb the Professional Career. The certificates or diplomas of these students, once the course is passed, are sent in pdf to their email
2. Courses certified by the Antonio de Nebrija University (UNNE)

These courses are scoring as merit competition, commodity markets, transfers, etc. The certification is issued by the University itself and affects courses in the area of ​​health, education and other sectors . They are courses recognized as free-choice credits for students of the Antonio de Nebrija University, and do not carry a specific credit, but rather are based on the number of hours, being the institution where it is presented that will grant and validate the corresponding credit, according to regulations in force.

Once the course has been passed, the student will receive the corresponding certification issued by the Antonio de Nebrija University , which must be presented to the secretary of his faculty for validation for free choice credits (if his degree is a diploma or a bachelor's degree) or for his academic recognition for credits (if your degree is undergraduate)
Through this platform we offer professional training for employment and transversal skills for different sectors and activities.
Consult our catalog and we will inform you about the requirements and conditions.
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